11 Freelance Writing Websites to Find Quality Jobs & Earn Cash

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Our Favorite Freelance Writing Websites in 2024

Between the proliferation of AI-written content and scammy “publications,” it can feel impossible to find the best freelance writing websites that pay.

You’re not alone.

Although I’ve been freelancing for five years, I still struggle at times to find jobs creating content.

That may sound frustrating, but I look at it this way: freelancing has given me more freedom than I could have ever found at an in-office job.

And trust me, when you sharpen your skills and build a strong portfolio, you’ll soon be landing more (and better) assignments.

But you have to start somewhere, and to help, we’ve compiled a list of 11 freelance writing websites where everyone from beginner writers to seasoned veterans can find jobs and earn cash.

Even if you’re not ready to freelance full-time, you can still get some fun side gigs.


For years, Upwork has been the gold standard for freelancers. Writers can find all kinds of different gigs here, from editorial work to composing technical manuals.

I’ve had the most luck finding long-term clients here, since dozens of new jobs are posted daily.

That being said, Upwork does take a cut of your paycheck (10% at the time of writing).

You also have to use certain amounts of “Connects” to pitch potential clients, and those Connects aren’t free.

Keep these extra costs in mind as you hunt for jobs and set your rates.

Visit Upwork


Fiverr functions a little differently than most freelancing platforms.

Rather than seeking out clients, you’ll craft a compelling profile, then make a priced list of your services, or Gigs.

Clients sift through Fiverr profiles to find the contractor that suits their needs.

Of course, your success rate will rely on your existing portfolio and your ability to make a strong profile.

Most clients on Fiverr won’t pay top dollar, and you’ll lose a whopping 20% service charge to the platform, but you may be able to work on more creative gigs here.

Visit Fiverr

Writers Weekly

As its name implies, Writers Weekly has a job board that’s (usually) updated weekly with freelance writing opportunities from across the Internet.

I’ve found several great jobs here, and it’s free to use — you don’t even need an account to apply for the posted gigs.

As long as you’re not deterred by the platform’s admittedly clunky site design, Writers Weekly also offers a treasure trove of other freelance writing info.

You can learn more about the finer points of freelancing and read up on queries from other writers like yourself.

Visit Writers Weekly


The job board at ProBlogger features many unique, relatively well-paying writing gigs.

You’ll have to register as a Candidate before you can apply to those jobs, so you’ll have to build yet another new profile, but that exercise could benefit you in the long run.

The job board at ProBlogger seems to be updated sporadically, meaning that you likely won’t see as many new jobs here as on other sites.

But if you check back frequently, you could stumble onto an exciting, resume-boosting opportunity or two (I certainly have!).

Visit ProBlogger


Although Contra is fairly new compared to many websites on this list, it’s already attracting tons of top-tier talent (and thus, paying clients).

Launched in 2019, this startup charges no commission fees, though users do have to pay for a monthly membership.

Contra bills itself as a support system for freelancers, supplying resources and a community network to help you develop your personal brand, all in one place.

Though I have yet to try Contra myself, it’s earned many glowing reviews from clients and freelancers alike.

Visit Contra


Not to be confused with ProBlogger, BloggingPro is another freelance job board that curates dozens of job opportunities from across the far reaches of the internet.

Prospective clients can also post jobs directly to BloggingPro, opening up other potential connections.

The interface is easy to use and the board is updated semi-regularly.

Most job postings ask you to apply via email, so you won’t lose your hard-earned cash to commissions.

But this also means less protection from possible scams, so you’ll need to proceed with caution.

Visit BloggingPro


MediaBistro posts all kinds of creative jobs, everything from traditional 9-to-5s to short-term gigs.

As it’s one of the best-known job boards out there, competition is stiff.

But MediaBistro does offer resources to get you started — if you pay for a membership, that is.

Members get access to exclusive courses, webinars, and numerous other tools designed to help creatives pitch successfully.

There’s a free trial if you want to get a sneak peek at MB+, but otherwise, you’ll have to shell out some cash to make the most of MediaBistro.

Visit MediaBistro


FlexJobs advertises jobs to anyone seeking remote, flexible career opportunities.

Unlike many other writing job boards, it’s updated fairly frequently. But there is a bit of a twist — to access all those job listings, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Some writers deem this fee to be too high, and you’ll have to read up on reviews to decide for yourself whether it’s worth it.

However, FlexJobs has been around for quite some time and has an extensive vetting system, so you won’t need to sort through (as many) scams.

Visit FlexJobs

Peak Freelance

Peak Freelance doesn’t update its job board as frequently as other websites on this list, but it’s still worth a look every now and again to see what you may have missed.

Perhaps more helpful, though, Peak provides resources for freelancers of all experience levels.

Creating an account connects you to a community of other freelancers, and includes access to webinars, courses, and monthly events.

Oh, and membership is free, a unicorn in the freelance writing world.

At the very least, it’ll help you apply to jobs on Peak with confidence.

Visit Peak Freelance

Constant Content

Constant Content is what’s known as a content mill, employing freelance writers to generate as much content as possible for different clients.

After being approved to write for Constant Content, you can either pre-write articles for sale or work on custom requests.

Like most content mills, Constant Content pays very low rates, and the pressure to continuously churn out articles can be draining.

If you’re an experienced freelancer this might not be your bag, but beginners may find this to be a valuable publishing opportunity.

Visit Constant Content

Traditional Job Recruiting Sites

Even if you’re not looking for a full-time job, you can find many freelance gigs on more “traditional” job recruiting sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn.

Hirers on these sites often want to work with freelancers long-term, which means more work and more pay.

These sites can be competitive since you’re going up against everyone with Google and an Internet connection.

But don’t let that discourage you — I’ve found plenty of great jobs this way.

Punch up your resume and cover letters and you’ll start seeing responses in no time.

Which Website Will Earn You Money as a Freelance Writer?

Now that you know the 11 best freelance writing websites that pay, you’ll be better equipped to put yourself out there and get published.

Being paid to create content remotely might sound like a pie-in-the-sky dream, but it’s not as far out of reach as it seems.

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been freelancing for years, writers of all skill levels can find work on these sites.

There are many other websites out there, too, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for other opportunities that will help you improve as a writer.

As you build your resume and hunt for gigs, you’ll be well on your way to working as a freelance writer (or starting your new side hustle).

But keep in mind that what works for one freelancer may not work for another, so be willing to test out different sites to see success.

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